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*All horses listed here are models, descending from real parents. Real horses are denoted in CAPS.*

Looking for older mares or stallions to create breeding stock? Check out our SH Pensioned page!

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Allegro Vivacissimo NA908, 2001 drkbr.  2xG1SWT  FFC: 2008 
(SAHM x JUNK BOND QUEEN, BALDSKI) created by T. Rawson
Over the Edge ARG SH2428 NP, 2012 chestnut.  MG1SW.  FFC: 2018
(Over the Top ARG x Oh My Darling, Litigation) owned by Trinity Knot Stables
2016/17 South American Champion Older Male
Rich Badger SAF SH722, 2004 bay.  7xG1SW  FFC: 2012
(RICH MAN'S GOLD x Badger's Girl SAF, BADGER LAND) bred by Golden Nugget Farm
2007/08 South American Champion Miler

Rougarou AUS SH2164, 2011 chestnut.  2xG3SW  FFC: 2018
(Starshine NZ x Rustic Voodoo BRZ, RUSTIC AMBER IRE) bred by A. Whipple
Sollivan ARG SH839, 2005 drkb/br.  4xG1SWT  FFC: 2013
2008/09 SA CH 3yoC & CH 3yo Turfer
Troubadour GER E1090 NP, 2009 black.  G2SWT  FFC: 2015   *Shuttles to Europe* 
(Whetstone x Tiefste Traum GER, RELIANCE FR) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
co-owned with Yellowstone Valley Farms

Click on underlined names to see complete produce records.

Altair Zorra AUS SH1714, 2010 bay.  2xG1SW
(Altair Voyager AUS x Zorra BRZ, Romantico BRZ NP) bred by Foxfire Farms
2015/16 SA CH Older Female
Blue Hawaiian NZ SH1963 NP, 2010 grey (blk).  MG3Sp  
(Plastered NZ x Beebe Blue NZ, Blue Danube NZ)
Bridal Dowry ARG SH398 NP, 2001 black.  SW, G2Sp  
(Zavad ARG x Farsiris AUS, Bharta) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
Desert Storm NA1919, 2002 bay.  MSpW 
(Storms Pennent x Aerosa, Black Hammer)

Just Plain Pretty ARG SH2094, 2011 chestnut sabino.  2xG1SW
(Painted Manchado ARG x Glamorous Glennis ARG, LUHUK) bred by Golden Nugget Farm
Katie BRZ SH2104 NP, 2012 buckskin.  2xG2SW, MG1Sp
(Gatilho BRZ x Katipo BRZ, Bell the Spider BRZ)
Lokasenna AUS SH1970, 2010 black.  4xG2SW, MG1Sp
(Loki x Joie Jeune, ZABEEL NZ)
Neydeem AUS SH625, 2001 bay.  MW
(GENDERAL NEDIYM AUS x Better Than Good AUS, The Good Samaritan) bred by Foxfire Farms
Oh My Darling NA14035 NP, 2005 chestnut. Unraced.  
(Litigation x DarlingClementine, Double Stout)
Pic Your Poizen AUS SH565, 2003 brown.  3xG2SW, MG1Sp
(OCTAGONAL NZ x Pie Jesu AUS, Glacier AUS) bred by K. Carlin
Scottish Linnet BRZ SH2437 NP, 2001 grey (ch). Unraced.
(Concord URU x Scottish Pride BRZ, PROUD WORD GB) bred by Haras Nighthenge
Sealed With A Kiss SAF SH694, 2005 bay.  9xG1SW
(NATIONAL ASEEMBLY Can x Kiss Kiss SAF, SPORTSWORLD) bred by Haras Nighthenge
2007/08 SA CH 2YO Turfer & 2011/12 SA CH Older Turfer / Stayer / Older Female
Shahnaz ARG SH1011, 2007 chestnut.  G1SW
Shoshana ARG SH1151, 1999 black. Unraced.
(Hail the King ARG x Sceva ARG NP, Fomenscopio ARG)
Solazara ARG SH838, 2002 bay.  SpW
Trust Fund Baby ARG SH1985, 2010 chestnut.  2xG2SW, MG1Sp
(Mateo ARG NP x Frozen Funds, FORLI WINDS)
Weyrling BRZ SH1816, 2008 chestnut.  2xG3SW, MG2Sp
(Coeur de Lion x Weyrsinger FR, Kongiskreuze GER) bred by Haras Rio Ventuoso
2008 Chestnut.  Open Years: 2017+
Yesmina BRZ SH612 NP, 2005 grey (ch).  2xG1SW  
(Concord URU x You Girl BRZ, Holding Pattern BRZ) bred by Nighthenge Farms
co-owned with Montara Farms
Yeux Souriants BRZ SH2306 NP, 2011 brown.  G1SW
(Raffish Eyes BRZ x Tres Joyeuse NZ, Erimo Kobito JPN) bred by Haras Nighthenge
Zebrina NA12110 NP, 2009 bay.  SW  
(Waage x Herbal Essence, Herbalist)