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Breeding Rules

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Breeding Rules

*All horses listed here are models, descending from real parents. Real horses are denoted in CAPS.*


~When submitting a breeding please include the following Foal Information:


Date Foaled:

Sire x Dam:



Your name/Stable name (required):

~If you are breeding one of my horses to a horse not on my list I need the same information for that horse including a 3 generation pedigree.

~I will not breed full siblings or Mother/Son, Father/Daughter.

~All foals must be assigned a birth year that is within the sires foal crop years and one of the dams open years. Foals must be aging for realistic purposes.

~I do accept BSO (pedigree-only, no model body) breedings.

~All email breedings are free and are sent via word attachment; if you would like a snail-mailed breeding certificate SASE is required.

~I will notify you when I have recieved your requests.


~For more information regarding the North American Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, please check out the NAMTOBA website.

~I will not allow obscene/dirty words or anything similar as names for offspring.  I will refuse breedings for horses that have the names of real, fictional, or famous model horses.

~At this time I am not allowing either my stallions or mares to be outcrossed to other breeds. We are breeding Thoroughbreds for racing only.
~When naming your Thoroughbred foals please follow the TB Registry naming rules: no more than 18 characters are allowed (this includes spaces and punctuation). 

~All homozygous models can only produce a foal of that color, and are marked as such. All others are to be considered heterozygous.

~The easiest rule of equine color genetics is to make one parent the same color/pattern as the foal. Other notes on non-homozygotes: Two chestnuts will always produce a chestnut.

~Here is a site that shows you what colors can be produced from different crosses.


You can email your breeding request or questions to me at: