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Steeplechase-Bred Thoroughbreds
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*All horses listed here are models, descending from real parents. Real horses are denoted in CAPS.*

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Bull Harbor NA1791, 1999 grey (b).  G2SW, MG1Sp (hurdles)  FFC: 2010 (IRE)
(BUCK WOOD x Well-Heeled Club, CLUB DE NOCHE ARG) bred by Foxfire Stables
Show Me Go NA10118, 2005 bay.  2xG1SW (hurdles)  FFC: 2015 (IRE)
(Show of Courage x Rosaria, Go for Gold) bred by Foxfire Stables

Click on underlined names to see complete produce records.

Bally Dancer NA11916, 2009 chestnut.  2xG2SW OF. Producing in IRE
(Bally Mist x Lead the Dance IRE, SUPREME LEADER) bred by Nighthenge Farm
Belle of the Dance IRE E1615, 2007 bay.  4xG2SW, G1Sp OF  Producing in IRE
(Bell Curve NZ x Palio Dancer IRE, DEEP RUN IRE) bred by Nighthenge, IRE
Heures de Musique IRE E1562 NP, 2006 chestnut.  2xG3SW OF  Producing in IRE
(Fiddle onthe Roof IRE x L'Heure de Minuit FR, MISTI FR) bred by Nighthenge Farm
Lazac FR E1825, 2009 palomino.  G2SW, MG1Sp  Producing in IRE.
(TURGEON x Bistra HUN, Abram HUN) bred by Haras Fleuvent,
Lei Down Sally NA11926 NP, 2007 bay.  G3SW, MG2Sp OF  Producing in IRE.
(Land Ho x Language of Flora, SINDARIN) bred by Nighthenge Farm
Marlaine FR E936, 2001 black [EE]. Unraced. Producing in IRE.
(MARLY RIVER x Morgause, Daven) bred by Haras Fleuvent
Rainey Daize NA10196, 2003 brown.  MSpW OF  Producing in IRE.
(SKYWALKER x Clearly, Bally Mist) bred by Foxfire Stables
Redington Beach IRE E1802, 2004 drkb/br. Unraced. Producing in IRE.
(FLORIDA SONG GB x Rettungstaucher GER, TAUCHSPORT GDR) bred by Nighthenge Farm
Salute the Night NA12409, 2009 black.  NW OF  Producing in USA.
(Night Relic NP x Salute the Stars, LEAR FAN)
Salute the Stars NA10731, 2002 bay. Unraced. Producing in IRE.
(LEAR FAN x Salute A Lady, SALUTELY) bred by Cadence Farm
Skyscape NA7038, 2002 bay.  G2SW, G1Sp OF  Producing in IRE.
(Sky Pilot x Perspective, Titian ITY NP) bred by Nighthenge Farm
Stardust Blues GB E1084, 2008 bay.  2xG3SW, MG2Sp OF  Producing in IRE.
(Kranzy Oktyabr x Act of War, Street of Dreams) bred by Foxfire Park