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Australia-Based Thoroughbreds
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*All horses listed here are models, descending from real parents. Real horses are denoted in CAPS.*

Looking for older mares or stallions to create breeding stock? Check out our SH Pensioned page!

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Cote d'Azure AUS SH389 NP, 2002 bay.  G2SW  FFC: 2010  
(Bharta x Prada Princess AUS, Jabari AUS) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
Fine Whiskey NZ SH561, 2003 chestnut.  2xG1SW  FFC: 2012
(Sort II x Watered Whiskey NZ, WHISKEY ROAD) bred by Nighthenge Farm

Great Altair AUS SH1885, 2011 chestnut.  5xG1SW  FFC: 2018
(Altair Voyager x Genealogista BRZ, Mateo ARG) bred by Foxfire Farms
Javelin AUS SH706, 2005 bay.  7xG1SW  FFC: 2013 (Aus), 2014 (Euro)   *shuttles to Europe*
(FALVELON AUS  x Pie Jesu AUS, Glacier AUS) bred by K. Carlin
2009/10 Australian/New Zealand Champion Sprinter
Probability NA884, 2001 chestnut.  2xG1SW  FFC: 2009 (shuttled to Europe 2009-2013)  
(Royal Crystal GB x Split Personality, GRAUSTARK) bred by Yellowstone Valley Farm

Click on underlined names to see complete produce records.

AlongCameASpider BRZ SH1576 NP, 2009 black.  2xG3SW, 2xG2Sp
(Spidercicle ARG x Sugar BRZ, Romantico BRZ) bred by Haras Nighthenge
Besaar Aba AUS SH2074, 2004 black. Unraced.
(Frazand R x Tres Gracieuse NZ NP, Blue Danube NZ) bred by Haras Rio Fleuvent
Blue Dahlia AUS SH1120, 1998 bay. Unraced.
(ST. COVET AUS x Pink Carnation, OLDEN TIMES)
Brazen AUS SH2734 NP, 2000 black. Unraced.  
(Yashima Tough Guy JPN x No Sun NZ, No Hangover) bred by Haras Fleuvent
Can Be Ruthless NZ SH380, 2000 bay.  4xG3SW, G2Sp
(CANNY LAD AUS x Best Be Ruthless NZ, CENTAIN AUS) bred by Renard Ruisseau Stud

DoubleBourbonRush AUS SH2426, 2012 chestnut.  3xG1SW
(Fine Whiskey NZ x Blue Dahlia AUS, ST COVET AUS)
2014/15 AUS/NZ CH 2yo Female
Joie Jeune AUS SH264, 2001 bay.  G1SW
(ZABEEL NZ x Pie Jesu AUS, Glacier AUS) bred by K. Carlin
2005/06 AUS/NZ CH Older Female & 2007/08 AUS/NZ CH Older Female
Kharma AUS SH547, 2003 grey (b).  G1SW
Kiplingi ARG SH1888 NP, 2008 palomino.  G2SW, MG1Sp  
(Vivd ARG x Katipo BRZ, Bell the Spider BRZ)
Lady Liberty IRE E206, 2003 chestnut.  2xG2SW
(American Flyer x Lady Ainsley IRE, ELA-MANA-MOU IRE) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
Pink Power AUS SH1643, 2008 brown.  SW, G2Sp
(Allied Power GER x Pink Carnation, OLDEN TIMES)

Probable Lies AUS SH1997, 2011 bay.  2xSW, 3xG2Sp
(Probability x Casual Shinzan NZ, CASUAL LIES) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
Raizel AUS SH1066, 2007 grey (b).  MSpW
(Kehylan JPN x Rio de Janiero BRZ, SKI CHAMP) bred by Dolham Stud
Revolution AUS SH1972 NP, 2010 buckskin.  G3SW, MG2Sp 
(Bharta x Olivia ARG, Cromwellian ARG) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
Spincaster IRE E1632, 2009 black [EE].  2xG2SW
(Sculptor NP x Give Me Wings, Black Hammer)
Sweet Surprise ARG SH1358, 2008 grey (br).  G2SW, G1Sp
(It's No Wonder x Not So Fast ARG, Okoth AUS) bred by Windy Plains, Inc.
Waltz On Ice NZ SH1568 NP, 2008 bay.  SW, MG3Sp 
(Borque x Waltzing Girl NZ, Blue Danube NZ) bred by Nighthenge Farm