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Please Note: This is a model horse site. All real horses mentioned on this site are for pedigree assignment purposes only. All horses on these pages are NOT real, they are either models or paper identities.

Welcome to Sun Prairie Park- the Thoroughbred racing stable affiliated with Bellehaven Farm, Inc.
The horses here race and are registered with the
Bellehaven joined NAMTOBA in February of 2004. Since then we have brought along several young Thoroughbred race prospects. We have also accrued a few quality sires and dams available for breeding. Since we are active in NAMTOBA, I ask that any requests for race-age foals (2012+) be registered and raced with NAMTOBA.
Please read the Breeding Rules before making any requests. Please be respectful of the time and effort I have put into developing my herd and do not use any of my horses without my permission.  All online breeding certificates via email are free. 
If you have any questions please email me at,

By Christine Picavet

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